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  • We are intrigued by this frame as we have not seen another, marked

    "By Wesley Harris" and we cannot find this designer or design house

    in our archive. The patent number just refers to Neville Chappell's

    supra design, which was filed back in 1939. As Chappell was British,

    we have to assume 1960's Wesley Harris was British. Indeed the supra

    was always more popular in Europe than in America, who preferred

    combination frames. The lenses, which we have replaced with plano,

    are suspended with a clear nylon cord from a sinuous frame of

    darkest red acetate. Inside the bridge and integral nose-pads, note

    the bespoke touch in building up and shaping for a comfort fit. And

    in the hand-incised inner arm ends. Curving back the outer temples

    means the front has no shields or rivets to interrupt the sculptural line

    of the acetate, so just on the side joints are small bookended pin-head

    rivets. A super example of British craftsmanship and design for the

    power player in a Sixties boardroom.

                                                           — klasik

vintage eyewear : mens : 1960's nylon-supra frame, marked BY WESLEY HARRIS
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