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product code : k5594 : £ 55
  • 1950's demi-amber plastic and gold fill combination
    frame marked plastic frame marked UNIVERSAL
    and 1/10 12K GF

  • Original mid-green glass lenses



lens spec

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  • Universal's slogan was, "Dedicated to original design and fine

    and it showed in all of their frames. They were based

    in Providence, Rhode Island which is where these were made.

    This their top-of-the-range opthalmic combination or browline

    frame, called, wait for it, 'Manbrow'. As it was an expensive

    frame made for corrective lenses, it is quite a find to have a

    pair fitted with sun lenses - and these are the originals. A tint

    which is no longer available in glass and absolutely authentic;

    the paler mid-green lenses compliment the amber and gold

    tones in the frame. They though, and the frame, have suffered

    from a little too much Manbrow love, hence the lenses have a

    few marks, and the vulnerable acetate has small cracks in the

    arms (pictured); it is the quality 12 karat gold-fill chassis that

    has kept all though in good and wearable shape. As Fifties

    sunglasses of this calibre are so hard to find, we know you will

    forgive the faults and want to take these babies on more

    adventures and holidays - photos please, for our Happy Klasik

    Customers page. The Manbrow frame was phased out in the

    mid-Sixties, so for you purists out there, you can dateline these

    sunnies and team with era-appropriate resort wear.

                                                           — klasik

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