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product code : k5555 : £ 145
  • Never worn 1970's mottled brown plastic frame

  • Original AO True Color grey glass lenses



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  • Up there with Ray-Ban as one of the premier American

    sunglasses makes of the mid-20th century, AO created

    a new range of sunglasses in the second half of the 1960's

    they called Sunvogues, the men's styles with butch names

    like Seafarer, Skymaster, Ripcord - and this pair, Fastback.

    Obviously there are thrilling references here to motor racing:

    there were both Volkswagen and a Ford Mustang 'Fastbacks'

    speeding about during these years and it's not just in the name,

    that notched bridge and curved back styling might make any

    man go faster. We have a picture of Fastback, rather marooned,

    sitting next to a couple of pairs of ladies sunglasses in AO's

    1974 catalogue, but we know that the design was introduced

    the year before, in 1973. Ours is a colour they called Buff -

    no, not that buff, although maybe if you had a tan - a swirl of

    translucent dark, sandy tones which contrasts well with the AO's

    famous True Color grey glass lenses. Quite a find in this pristine

    condition, having never been taken out for a drive; its original

    price label is still on it and that was no mean sum.

                                                           — klasik

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