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  • 1970's mottled green optyl frame CHRISTIAN DIOR

  • Original gradient grey/green acrylic lenses



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  • It was Dior's designer Marc Bohan, who went to Wilhelm

    Anger, the inventor of the material Optyl, to produce

    Dior's first collection of these famous sunglass designs,

    in 1974. There were apparently just five designs that

    launched the range and most of those were probably for

    women. As this Dior men's design, or should we say

    'Monsieur' can be dated to before 1976, then this is quite

    special. Collaborations between fashion designers and

    optical maker/inventors back then are rare (we're still

    trying to think of another) so to possess such a vintage

    piece for men, makes these very collectable. They are

    also incredibly wearable with their goggle-like appeal, like

    a diving mask, yet not heavy on the face as the optyl

    frame is see through. A very pale green underneath is

    overlain with a green oil-on-water effect which is subtly

    organic, working well with the then-new Optyl, which took

    curves and angles to new dimensions. Even the lenses play

    their part, being a gradient tint, so as not to overwhelm

    the face and in another shade-of-green colour. Marc Bohan

    designed for Dior for 30 years. Women have plenty to

    choose from in the vintage world but men much less so. In

    1970's men's accessories like these Bohan has created

    something that men today can still want and still wear.

    After all, it's not just about ties, is it guys?

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