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  • Although the frame is injection molded nylon - supposedly robust

    and lightweight - these Vuarnets are mainly known for their lenses,

    this pair fitted with the NAUTILUX 8000. These lenses are the same

    as the Skilynx (above) except that their exterior mirrored coatings

    are blue as opposed to silver and is described as, "...a very technical

    all weather lens conceived to protect against the strong reflection

    of the sea and against the tiring glare of hazy conditions. Effective

    for water sports."
    The Nautilux was part of Vuarnet's unisex high

    performance sports eyewear offer at the same time as Skilynx, in

    the early 1980's, and was created as the name suggests, for fishing,

    sailing, windsurfing etc. The cable arms keep them anchored (ha-ha)

    to your head, in case you take a tumble after a dockside mai-tai.

    Surfers and other beach types could only lust after Nautilux

    sunglasses, as once again they were so expensive; a Vuarnet t-shirt

    or towel would have to suffice. This Nautlilux model is the same

    frame shape as the Skilynx - the iconic 002 - marketed in the 1980's

    as the original French "cats-eyes". The '8' in front of the 002 on

    the model, just denotes the category 3, Nautilux 8000 lenses.

                                                           — klasik

vintage sunglasses : unisex : 1980's 8002 by VUARNET (FRANCE)<
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