men's : 1950-70 : k8299
product code : k8299 : £ 175
  • Never worn 1960s black plastic frame marked

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • This is Airflight, seen here in our American Optical

    catalogue from 1964
    . It was new that year and was

    promoted as being the new lightweight frame, being

    much thinner than its heavier predecessors. AO's

    advertising added that it was, '..light in weight, long on

    styling..a new idea for those who like their eyewear

    And offering just four colours only added to the

    exclusive feel at the launch of this lean design - these

    in the original Onyx. Being thinner it comes up slightly

    smaller than a standard 46/22, so check the other sizes

    above. We found this pair having never been worn, so

    the incised gold-filled logo is completely intact, as are

    the incised grooves on the temple tips for head hugging.

    Like all AO's frames from this period, it has been given

    a suitably masculine moniker, so are you ready to take

    to the skies?

                                                           — klasik