men's : 1950-70 : k8304
product code : k8304 : £ 115
  • 1940's-50's silver metal frame marked BAUSCH & LOMB

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • Bausch & Lomb were leaders in the optical field for over

    a century and are now more well known for developing

    Ray-Ban sunglasses which they started in the 1930s.

    But they also led the field in optical equipment - including

    lenses which they still manufacture - and safety equipment.

    This is the H10 Chip-Ban Safety Glass. We know this because

    it is listed in this catalogue from 1951, but by this time it

    had been available since the 1940s. There is not much we

    can tell you that you can't read from the catalogue entry,

    except to say that it is fitted with the original B&L clear, drop

    oval safety lenses and is in the 47/22 size. Note how B&L

    offered to fit the wearer with their own prescription lenses:

    this is an ideal optical frame for the working/man/woman -

    and we can have your lenses fitted. NB: frame marked down

    to only 'good' due to a split in the, "...sweat-proof, non-

    inflammable, insulated covering."
    on the right temple.

                                                           — klasik