1950-1970 : k8315
product code : k8315 : £ 285



other info
  • This is Shuron's famous Browline frame, later named the

    Ronsir. You can see the earlier version here in the catalogue

    we have from 1953. The only difference are the plaques

    or shields on the front, by the late 50's when ours was made,

    they changed from the trademark rectangle to the more familiar

    arrowhead shape. Here is an ad from 1959 showing our pair,

    now named Ronsir. A beautifully made combination frame,

    the ad is actually announcing the new anodized aluminium

    finishes. Ours is one of the 8 zyl pairs they mention - called

    Briar Grey, a stripey grey colour - and it is in great condition,

    looks new. FYI: Shuron are still going today - since 1865 -

    but they stopped making these high gold content frames in

    the 1960's.

                                                           — klasik