1950-1970 : k8370
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product code : k8370 : £ 195
  • 1950's black plastic frame, unmarked

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



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  • Beautiful, luxury hand-made frame from around 1950-1960.

    The acetate is thick and expensive and would have been cut

    from a quality sheet - these plastics were also labour-intensive

    artisan products. The lugs at the front are probably the only

    clue to the incredible hinges: with no visible screws in the top,

    the abundant silver metal reinforces and smoothly concertinas

    to make a stunning feature. Small silver metal pin-head rivets

    secure these hinges front and side, but don't vie for glory. The

    strengthened arms taper down to flare at hand-incised tips. No

    doubt a bespoke frame, probably made here in England and in

    keeping with the traditions of British tailoring and fine accessories.

    A relic of greatness really and something many more people

    can now own and wear. That's democracy in action, right?

    Klasik gets populist. A small to medium size for men.

                                                           — klasik

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