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  • 1970's black plastic frame marked ULTRA and

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



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  • This is an original Goliath II from Americans, Palm Optical, who specialised

    in the importation and distribution of European frames. It was Palm who

    discovered Cazal Eyewear, from Germany, and first brought their designs

    to the USA in the late 1970's. At the same time they introduced their own

    line of luxury eyewear - the Ultra Collection - and Goliath and Goliath II are

    from that range, made in an optical factory in the Netherlands. The out-

    there European style of Cazals and Ultras set them apart from more timid

    American options, and their outlandish sizings were matched by hefty price

    tags; a cult following thus began, coveting their exclusivity and rarity, so by

    1986, when the Goliath II was worn by Run DMC's Darryl McDaniels, their

    legendary status was secured. Note that the pair we have for sale is the

    same from-the- 1980's Goliath II in black as 'D' wore and that this is the

    frame of Run DMC fame. Some people are still mixing up Cazal & Ultra,

    maybe because Palm distributed both, and say 'D' wore Cazals: maybe

    he did occasionally and earlier, but the Goliath II became his 'trademark'

    glasses. After its introduction in 1979, the bigger of the two brutes,

    Goliath II was also the choice of other bold personalities like actor

    Michael Caine and the director George Romero. They were chosen for

    Robert de Niro playing Sam Rothstein in Casino, made in '95 but set in

    1980. Perhaps it was De Niro who sparked thoughts of a Goliath remake.

    And we have to tell you, they are out there, being made today and cheaper

    but ours is one of the RARE originals. And be suspect and be warned, some

    unscrupulous sellers are intimating, even stating, that they are selling a

    1980's original, when they are not. With Klasik, this NEVER EVER happens.

    Provenance is everything to us and our customers know that when we offer

    investment pieces like this Goliath II, they have impeccable provenance.

    Klasik have been in business now for 16 years.

    Lastly, beyond appearance, this iconic piece is designed to perform, so the

    acetate is superb and will support whatever lenses you want to go with -

    clear and no Rx, photochromic or solid tint sunglasses or even bespoke

    gradient tint Rx. It's all up to you...

                                                           — klasik

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