1970-2000 : k8439
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product code : k8439 : £ 125
  • 1970's/80's demi-amber plastic frame

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • Rodenstock are one of the oldest and most successful

    optical companies in the world, they started in 1877.

    One of their milestones was to develop the first

    photochromic lens in 1968 (however Corning claim to

    have done the same a year later). Palermo - besides

    being a beautiful city in the Mediterranean - is most

    renowned as the birthplace of the Cosa Nostra. Perhaps

    it was these men of honour then, that inspired this design.

    Whatever, if you get these made up in your lenses, you'll

    be sure to get connected. NB: the temples on this pair are

    only 125mm, so despite the large size of the frame, it

    could suit any Carmela Sopranos out there, too.

vintage eyewear : mens : 1970's/80's Palermo by RODENSTOCK (GERMANY)
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