men's : pre-1950 : k8279
product code : k8279 : £ 95
  • 1940s silver metal frame marked
    TOC 66

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • These seem an oddity today but back during WWII they were a

    very common sight - indeed people kept them decades after the

    war and used them as their spectacles as can be seen in London's

    optical museum: one pair on display shows it was kept by a

    W. Osborne and reglazed in 1959. Our pair stamped TOC 66,

    probably refering to Trident Optical Company who at that time

    were in Essex and one of the big makers. The 66 refers to the

    size, 42/24, although the lenses measure up at 41. It is in

    new condition, frame and nose-pads, so clearly wasn't used

    for its main purpose.

                                                           — klasik