men's : pre-1950 : k8313
product code : k8313 : £ 285
  • 1940's black plastic frame, unmarked

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • This hand-made frame has no markings on it* and is

    odd sized - 45mm lens and 27mm bridge - so probably

    bespoke, made specifically for a (wealthy) client. The

    quality is superb and no doubt the reason it has re-

    mained in excellent condition. The inside bridge has

    been carved out for a comfortable fit. The sides are

    wide to match the heavy frame and they don't taper,

    which was more common in these early frames. Looks

    to date from just after the war and made in Britain.

    * actually, there are some faint serrated lines at the temple tips which
      were probably made by hand, and to help grip the skull

                                                           — klasik