men's : pre-1950 : k8355
product code : k8355 : £ 165
  • 1940's mock-tort plastic frame, unmarked

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • With no markings on this frame we can't tell you who the

    maker is, but we believe it is English and was produced just

    after the war. The high joints and P.R.O. eye-shape were

    first seen in the late 1930's but World War Two intervened

    and delayed things in the UK, even for bespoke eyewear

    makers. And with its unusual in-between 41mm lens size,

    we feel further convinced that this was a frame made to

    order. More indications are its quality, with the deep,

    seven-charnier hinges and their pin heads filed off and

    polished; mitred joints for a clean edge; thick 4mm acetate

    in rich tortoiseshell tones and wide library temples tapering to

    flared tips. It's a design that would have conveyed privilege

    and respectability, but also modernity with those high temple

    joints which opened the views out for the wearer and also let

    more of the eyes be seen. This innovation allowed more

    freedom with eye-shapes and endures to this day. If there

    are classic hornrims, then this pair is it - now fully restored

    for your lenses.

                                                           — klasik