men's : pre-1950 : k8435
product code : k8435 : £ 105
  • Edwardian silver metal frame marked ALUMINICA

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • This frame looks to be made in the early Edwardian period

    although the style was made from the last part of the

    18th century. It is known as the Riding Bow frame as the

    cable temples would help keep the frame on when riding a

    horse. Of course, when cars became popular after WW1,

    this style became less necessary and gradually disappeared.

    'Aluminica' was a type of frame made by the American

    Opitcal Co. in Southbridge, Massachusetts. We've seen it

    in a trade mark list of theirs dated 1911. We're not sure of

    the exact make up of the frame, but it is obviously an alloy

    of steel and aluminium. And it was obviously a success as

    look at it here: 100 years on and it looks fantastic.

    NB: these frames were meant to be small as they were

    intended to frame the eyes, not the face as frames do

    today. But it is a size that would fit men or women.

                                                           — klasik