women's : 1970-2000 : k8305
product code : k8305 : £ 115
  • 1970's layered brushed gold metal on polished
    gold metal frame marked SILHOUETTE

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • Silhouette started in 1964 and are still going today. The designer

    of this frame was the extraordinary Dora Demmel, who worked in

    the male-dominated optical world and became one of its most

    influential designers - her 'Futura' plastic frame sunglasses of the

    1970's are now in museum collections. She brought a high fashion

    sensibility to her work and from around 1973 she was creating

    designs in metal, which have both that future 'Futura' feel and that

    runway glamour. We have another of her 1970's metal designs - in

    silver that has sunglass lenses, but the choice is up to you for this

    golden beauty. See this 1974 ad for Hermès Calèche perfume where

    the model is wearing clear lenses in the Silhouette metal frame. The

    large eyepieces and matte and shiny metal frames the eyes, which

    in the 70's were emphasised with arcs of vibrant colours and long,

    blackened eyelashes
    . Demmel again plays with contrast in the

    pentagon type shape, but it's rounded at the top, like eyebrows.

    Metal frames have a glow that suits most skin tones and as an

    accessory, are more like jewellery. But it is a vintage piece, and on

    the inside rim there are spots where the metal is very slightly

    pitted, and there's some discolouration under the right temple end.

    These cannot be seen when being worn but we are sticklers where

    our Klasik customers are concerned. Ready for your choice of

    lenses, which of course we can also supply. Truly a couture - and

    even bespoke - wonder for your optical wardrobe.

                                                           — klasik