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  • Barbudo were a great Spanish eyewear company whose

    popularity grew in the late 60's and early 70's with

    Britain's growing appreciation of, and connections to

    Europe. In 1975, we sealed the deal and wholeheartedly

    embraced Europe by joining the Common Market. Barbudo's

    designs were high end, reflecting European haute couture,

    but aimed at a young and adventurous clientele. These girls

    did not want to look like their mothers, who bought their

    style from the staid French fashion houses. They wanted

    to be 'out there' and 'with it' and so Barbudo appealed.

    Their Hippy range in yellow and white gold metal was

    launched in England in 1971 and in 1972 the new style

    Hippy Super was introduced. Hippy 5 Super was in the

    range in 1973 - if you need the exact year - and by 1975

    when we joined the EU, they offered 6 designs. This Hippy

    5 Super is yellow gold-fill metal (a mark on the bridge looks

    to signify 1/20 12k) and has wonderful, large square-ish

    eyepieces, enhanced by an applied "satin" or brush finish.

    This frosted effect flatters the framing of the eyes, while

    the rest is polished - the outside of the arms with lined detail

    to emphasise the slenderness. A truly 'Super' example of

    European eyewear that brought their glamour and expertise

    to a youthful, fashion-loving market in 1970's UK.

                                                           — klasik