women's : pre-1970 : k8292
product code : k8292 : £ 195
  • 1930s/40s translucent shaded pearl blue plastic and
    gold-fill frame marked FULL-FIELD

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • Perhaps this frame should be called Princess or Queen, or have a discreet crown

    crown added to 'Full-Field' - as this is the style chosen by the Queen Mother, and

    then Princess Margaret after WW2. It is a By Royal Appointment Theodore Hamblin

    Ltd (aka Gerald Henry Wingate) design from the 1930s and the British Optical

    Museum hold Hamblin's original drawings and advertisements relating to this "ideal

    for all sports" unisex shape which offered a full field of vision for golf, tennis, motoring

    etc. The Museum also have a pair worn by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. It was

    Princess Margaret though who made Full-Field a fashion accessory, starting in Capri

    in 1949
    where her beauty and style gained world attention. It was on that trip to Europe

    that she met Christian Dior in Paris, who had just introduced the lavish 'New Look' -

    and that was the start of their fashion friendship. Wherever she wore sunglasses with her

    sumptuous couture clothing, through the 1950s in England to the Carribbean and Africa,

    they were the Full-Field design. She went on many tours as Britain was recovering from

    WW2, and no doubt was provided with a variety of sunglasses to match each wardrobe.

    Dior made her dress for her 21st birthday and a year later in 1952, his first step into a

    global brand started with a shop in London, where he collaborated with status British

    brands, like Dents for gloves. He must surely have approved of this British eyewear

    design then - as Margaret became a glamorous Royal pin-up, and a favourite of the

    international press. The frame suited her movie star looks, and the acetates Wingate

    used were incredible quality but also superb colours - this pair has a top pearlised pale

    blue layer like a gossamer summer silk, but would look gorgeous all year round. The

    gold-fill cable arms mean you could even wear them riding a horse, or some other

    aristocratic pursuit. We can fit dark grey glass sun lenses as Margaret seems to have

    favoured - or any lenses you want. Sadly, recent tv series 'The Crown' did not use the

    correct pair, but then perhaps they didn't know. No excuse now though! And Margaret

    was still wearing the perfect Princess Full-Field frame into a third decade - here in 1963

    with her husband Lord Snowdon in Greece
    , having a look at another Wonder of the World.

    Perhaps if you buy these, you could follow in her foosteps and send Klasik some very

    special Kustomer postcards.

                                                                      — klasik