women's : pre-1970 : k8301
product code : k8301 : £ 145
  • 1960s demi-amber plastic frame marked

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • This is Ina, which first appeared in 1964. An unusual name, you

    might think. That's because it is borrowed from the German model,

    Ina Balke, who not only was B&L's top model in the early 1960s,

    but was also the 'Miss Beauty in Glasses, 1963'. We wonder why

    Ina didn't model this frame, then? Not to worry, it stands on its own.

    B&L described, "...its natural beauty is based on the ideally feminine

    oval face".
    Oh, that's why. Ina Balke's face certainly isn't oval.

    They go on, "Ina flatters a woman's softness (!) with its own

    curved planes and avoids flat two-dimensional surfaces.

    (Exclamation marks, klasik's own.) "Sleek endpiece contours and

    soft colours....accent upswept lashes and widen the eyes. The total

    effect is youthful but not immature, slender but not faddish, classic

    but not conventional. Ina's classic beauty....fits in anywhere."

    Phew - they went on more than us! All we would add is, timeless.

    Oh, and that it came is five colourways, this is the Demi-Brown,

    a solid colour, the one in the catalogue shown in the link above is

    the two-tone, Mink Shadow.                                                        — klasik