women's : pre-1970 : k8310
product code : k8310 : £ 225
  • 1960s wood-effect black plastic frame marked

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • A rare 'Designed by Oliver Goldsmith' frame from the 1960s.

    We have found the name 'Pee Gee' as a new trade name for

    1966 but Pee Gee is also Paul Green Ltd, so we expect that

    this British manufacturer made these for Oliver Goldsmith and

    probably in 1966. A little later, Paul Green of Cumberland also

    made the In Love frames for the couturier Norman Hartnell.

    We have never seen another frame like this so our thoughts

    are that it should be in a museum - probably alongside this not

    dissimilarly-shaped, small Cat Eye by A. Oliver Goldsmith, from

    1966 and made in France - that is in the V&A Museum London.

    A photograph of 'P. Oliver Goldsmith Ltd.' at an optical trade

    show in 1966 reveals many similar shape cat-eye frames. We

    hope Oliver Goldsmith doesn't mind us posting this photo, so

    people can see his mid-60s designs. This wood-effect frame

    is incredible and the hand-worked detail to give a natural effect

    is extraordinary. It must have been very expensive to produce -

    wood-effect was popular as it offered an organic and seductively

    matte alternative to hard and shiny frames. The hand-texturing

    is just on the outside front face and down the outside of the

    arms, while the inside is silky smooth for contrast and to feel

    comfortable against skin. The shape is really foxy too, curving

    subtly to those outer edges which just kick up slightly and then

    the jaunty angles around the nose. Black is always right and this

    wow wood-effect adds depth and movement - like black velvet.

    It is in good overall condition but being marked down a little due

    to some age showing in the plastic, just on the inside of the right

    temple, at the end or tip. A very rare piece of mid-60s eyewear

    designed by the great Oliver Goldsmith here in England - and

    made in England.

                                                           — klasik