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  • This style of acrylic frame became incredibly popular in the 1950s

    through the 1960s in the UK. C.B.M. were registered by 1961 as

    specialist manufacturers, modellers, moulders and dealers in plastics.

    The C and B for directors Calladine and Bradley, with works in Kent

    and offices in London. We don't have any catalogues of theirs, so

    perhaps they were making frames in the 50s, and as their factory

    was in Kent where Birch Optical were making similar frames, here

    are some Birch publicity stills from that period: Hi Jinx from 1955

    and Lady in Mink from 1957, perhaps the latter the closest in style.

    This is why we have put this frame at late 1950s, perhaps into the 60s.

    It is a crystal acrylic base on to which a layer of velvety black and then

    a glittering red have been applied, like foxy brows - the sinuous sides in

    black too, so that all emphasis is above the eyes. We can only speculate

    that the name of this upswept supra frame was Lady Minx or Diabolique?

    Siren-red lipstick a must with this devastating showstopper - an example

    of CBM's expertise in plastics and the uniquely British supra frame. After

    a full restoration, we've had it fitted with new plano lenses with an MAR

    , maintaining the original lens shape, so they can be worn as is,

    or ready for your lenses.

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