women's : pre-1970 : k8334
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  • This style of acrylic frame became incredibly popular in the 1950s

    through the 1960s in the UK. There is no maker's mark on this frame

    so it probably originally had a sticker which has since disappeared.

    It is very similar to one of the largest manufacturers of this style,

    Birch Optical - here is one of theirs, Baby Doll from 1956 - from

    Tunbridge Wells in Kent. But there were many makers of tis type of

    frame so we can't say it was one of theirs. The arms are what they

    called sinuous, inset from the brows of the front by more than 5mm,

    so that the overall width of the front is 140mm, considerably wider

    than the face width we give above. These frame continued to be made

    throughout the 1960s which is why we have been generous with the

    date and it must have been hardly worn as it is in very good condition.

    We've had it fitted with new plano lenses with an MAR coating,

    maintaining the original lens shape, so they can be worn as is, or

    ready for your lenses.

                                                                      — klasik