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product code : k8362 : £ 225
  • 1960's demi-amber plastic frame set with
    Aurora Borealis finished rhinestones and
    gold studs

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



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  • Stunning frame of elongated ovals, subtly concave to focus on

    the eyes, and set all around with aurora borealis finished rhine-

    stones and gold studwork, like glittering, fluttering lashes.

    Cleverly, the maker embedded the front joints, so there are no

    rivets or shields to detract from the sprinkle-starburst decoration,

    but where there have to be, on the arms, they are little star-head

    rivets: with appropriate meteor trails above and below. The quality

    is out of this world too and with no maker's mark or country of

    origin, this exceptional 1960's frame looks like it is couture,

    destined to complete an ensemble. Why have everyday glasses

    let down an exquisite gown? Not hard to imagine these bejewelled

    and glamorous beauties on a runway, with a Breakfast at Tiffany's

    updo and a devastating 1960's space-age sheath evening dress.

                                                           — klasik

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