women's : pre-1970 : k8402
product code : k8402 : £ 115
  • 1930's black plastic frame marked BRITISH,
    with patent no.

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • There is a patent number on this frame that dates it from

    1928 and says that the inventor was a British man by the

    name of Cecil Ernest McLeod, who made various other

    inventions, from bicycles to electric lamps. This particular

    patent relates to the position of the arms meeting the face

    of the frame: note they meet at the top. This became known

    as the Ful-Vue frame, later purchased by American Optical.

    Prior to this, frames had their arms meeting in the middle of

    the frame. The frame, too, is British as it is stamped thus on

    the end of the right arm. It is a small and delicate frame,

    suitable for men or women.

                                                           — klasik