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  • As the Nylon Supra type of frame design was more popular

    in England, where it was invented in 1935, we think that this

    unmarked frame is English and probably dates from the early

    1960's. Also, despite this country's reputation for being

    reserved, these incredibly sexy frames were a huge hit here

    in the 1950's and 60's. Sinuously shaped in acrylic, a red top

    layer is feathered out to the outer corners, which look like

    wings; the eyepieces appear suspended underneath and the

    bridge is left clear. Behind those projecting wings are the arms,

    which are just wonderful, sculpted from all red acrylic. It is sad

    that the maker is not known but then marking this frame may

    have marred its beauty. Perhaps it once had a sticker which

    could be removed. Almost like a wearable work of art, from the

    days before brands and logos. We have left in the very light

    prescription lenses so you may easily see yourself and decide

    just what you will do and where this frame may take you.

                                                           — klasik

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