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  • Wheway Optical of Birmingham in England were established in 1877.

    They became a large manufacturing, wholesale and export company

    specialising in metal frames, and by 1904, the Wheway family were

    taking out patents. In the1920's they were the proprietors and

    patentees of the "Adjusta" bridge which, being all one piece, including

    the nose pads, allows adjustment for better fitting spectacles. Into the

    late 1930's, Wheway were still selling the "Adjusta" patented frame all

    over the old British Empire. We have sold Wheway frames from this

    pre-war period and they were not just innovative and practical but

    decorative and worked in expensive metals. After the war though, with

    the coming of the National Health Service and glasses being more

    available and 'affordable', frames like this Windsor were made for the

    new home market. The bridge is marked 20-10 which is half the amount

    of gold fill in the 1920's luxury and pre-war Wheway pairs. The arms

    are unusual in that they similarly adjust into different positions and

    one might be tempted to think that the 'adjusta' refers to this. But

    we have had these adjusta frames previously and this is the first with

    these special sides. Quite what the purpose is, we can't work out:

    perhaps it is merely allowing the wearer a more comfortable fit.

    The Wheway went on into the late 1960's, maintaining their

    reputation for craftsmanship and quality but perhaps went under as

    eyewear in England started to look to the Far East and mass production.

                                                           — klasik

vintage eyewear : unisex : 1950's/60's by WHEWAY (UK)
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