women's 1950-1970 : k8434
product code : k8434 : £ 105
  • 1960's two-tone banded pale grey and
    bronze plastic frame marked, BR

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • A wonderful 'cat-eye' frame from the 1960's when eyeshapes

    were slinkier and more elongated. The 1950's are often cited

    as the cat-eye optical years but they really are the next decade,

    with shallower eyepieces that curve up and out to those points -

    here adorned with a sprinkling of coloured rhinestones and tiny

    brass studs, surrounding star-headed hinge pins. The multi-coloured

    stones - called then 'Aurora Borealis' - and the studs have been

    set into the acetate and have been chosen to compliment the

    unusual acetate: a banded two-tone with a pale grey colour a layer

    over the darker mink. We are not 100% sure who the 'BR' is in the

    gold fancy script in a horizontal lozenge, stamped inside each

    temple of this fabulous frame. It may be the firm of B. Robinson of

    New York who have quite some heritage, starting in 1926 with

    founder Benjamin Robinson. They are still going today so perhaps

    they may contact us. We would love to know more about whoever

    'BR' may be, after finding this frame.

                                                           — klasik