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  • Martin-Copeland are one of the great heritage names of the

    American optical industry, starting in 1880 in Providence,

    Rhode Island as jewellers, in an area which even then was a

    centre for excellence in gold metal-working. MC (their logo

    by 1919) were known first for their top quality solid gold vest

    pocket and lapel chains and watch fobs. As many jewellers

    did, they later also made a small collection of optical frames.

    By their Diamond Anniversary in 1955, they were the pre-

    eminent makers of gold-fill frames in the US and 'The Marlene'

    of which this is a glorious pink gold example, was chosen for a

    special jewelled version. Marlene had its own brochure which

    refers to the soft tones of the gold - so complimentary to

    many skin-tones. The high-gold content and the hand working

    in the exquisite engraved detail of flowers and leaf sprays

    could not be replicated today as it would be prohibitively

    expensive. A truly opulent frame, the like of which will never

    be made again and probably the finest quality metal frame for

    women of the 1950's.

vintage eyewear : womens : 1950's Marlene by MARTIN-COPELAND (USA)
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