cazal : k5571
product code : k5571 : £ 395
  • 1980's aqua/pink/white stripe on crystal
    plastic and gold metal frame by CAZAL
    MOD 858 COL 255 W GERMANY

  • Original Cazal gradient pink acrylic visor lens



lens spec

other info
  • The 858 by Cari Zalloni is now the most sought-after of his

    Cazal sunglass designs. It may be because MC Hammer is

    alleged to have worn them back in the day (in the video for

    "U Can't Touch This") but we think it is rather the design

    itself. A stunning asymmetric shape, it may have been

    intended to have been unisex (hence Hammer) but it looks

    great on this female model in old Cazal catalogue. It is

    essentially a visor, as the lens is one piece - the colour

    dictated usually by the central decorative line applied to

    the top left and then underneath the lens. Here, it's pink.

    This is a new/old stock lens that we had put into the frame

    as it came fitted with (tinted) prescription lenses - yes,

    two lenses - with a gap in the middle. This was/is the only

    way to roll out the 858 in your prescription. Unfortunately,

    a little of the logo on the new/old original visor lens was

    lost - and there are some imperfections/dents in the frame,

    hardly noticeable, so we have marked the frame down. The

    acetate used for this line of sunglasses, as opposed his

    spectacle frames like the 607, is propianate. Based on nylon,

    this plastic is lighter, more transparent and glossy - all

    qualities evident here, revealing the mastery of Zalloni. We

    are pleased to present these original 858 sunglasses as

    they were really intended with the Cazal visor lens and with

    an original Cazal soft case. Yes, the 858 has also been

    reissued recently but the new ones do not compare to the

    Eighties originals.

                                                           — klasik

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