cazal : k5863
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product code : k5863 : £ 85
  • 1980's translucent shaded yellow w/pink and
    white detail plastic frame w/CAZAL logo

  • Original gradient brown acrylic lenses w/CAZAL
    signature logo



lens spec

other info
  • Big 80's shape from Cari Zalloni, the maker of

    this famous brand. Unfortunately, this pair was

    a little too loved and the model number and

    other numbers have rubbed off the inside of

    the arms. But if you have seen/handled a lot

    of Cazals, you'll recognise this as an original.

    NB: the lenses have been mainly marked down

    for a smoky fade on the right lens, not picked

    up in the photos and only slightly visible when


vintage sunglasses : womens : 1980's CAZAL (W GERMANY)<
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