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  • 1980's beige layer on crystal and white enamel on
    gold frame marked CAZAL MOD 861 COL 192

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • A 1980's Cazal frame that can be either glasses or sunglasses,

    the 861 is similar to the 858 - except the 861 is more

    adaptable as an optical frame. There is still technical wizardry

    from Zalloni though as the two separate lenses are screwed

    through the front, on to the crystal frame behind. These

    obviously can be sunglasses then, or Rx, or both. Here they are

    as sunglasses in an old Cazal catalogue
    . The geometric

    eyepieces mirror the angled top brow, which has been

    emphasised by the golden beige coloured sections. We have

    kept these lenses* so that the shape can be followed in new

    lenses. By the second half of the 1980's Cazal was producing

    styles with shallower eyeshapes, like the 861, which are also

    flattering when the underneath frame is in a clear acetate

    (propianate). The arms are very distinctive and again seductive,

    set high and slim, stepping down in a gold plated Monel and

    white enamel and adorned with Cazal logos.

                                                           — klasik

    * The prescription is +1.25 in each eye with a -0.25 cylinder, if that is any
    good to you.

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