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1950s/60s Saratoga by AMERICAN OPTICAL KlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewear KlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewear


Popular 50's shape from American Optical, very similar to

(and obviously competing with) Ray-Ban's Wayfarer of the

same period. AO's sunglasses sales reached an all time

high in 1956, no doubt due to styles like this one. Here is

this pair
in their 1956 catalogue when it was simply called

the C-25. From 1958 it was also made with these grey True

lenses and later they added the name, Saratoga and

it continued to be made into the 1960's. This is the large size

with the 51mm lenses. This model has become incredibly

popular since it has been identified as one of the sunglasses

worn by JFK. This pair could have been made from 1958

until about 1963, the period he wore them. In 1963 AO

followed Ray-Ban's footsteps and moved from identifying

their sunglasses as merely code numbers to names and

this pair, the C25 became Saratoga, which is how it is

popularly known today as more of the later ones are found.

This however is the rarer pre-Saratoga denomination.

FYI: in 2010 we supplied the multi-emmy award- winning

The Kennedy's mini-series with some original Saratoga's -

the same as this pair, but in tortoise - you can read about

it on our media page. BONUS: one for the ladies! Check

out Clint Eastwood in Saratoga, c1956.

                                                                  — klasik
product code : k5369 : £ 375

1950s/60s grey plastic frame marked AMERICAN OPTICAL

New replacement mineral glass grey lenses


lenses : new - 10

frame : very good

fit : very good


face : 137mm

lens width : 51mm (marked on frame)

lens height : 41mm

arms : 150mm

lens spec

uv transmission % : 1

light transmission (LTF) % : 15

uv protection y/n : y