mens : 1940s-50's : k5407
product code : k5407 : £ 125



lens spec

other info
  • The Windsor frame - a wire rim with a plastic (zylonite)

    cover - was first developed by the American Optical

    company and sold throughout the 1920's and 30's, its

    longevity due to the increasing popularity of plastic

    frames. The zylonite covers on this pair are a mottled

    brown and the frame is gold fill, however we can't

    make out the markings: one appears to say 'SUTU'

    although one or both of the Us could be an O, which

    usually denotes optical. Another looks to say 'PAT'

    which normally refers to 'Patent Pending'. Looks to

    have been made anytime from the late 1940's through

    to the 1950's. We had them fitted with Klasik Grey

    sunglasses lenses and the medium size means that they

    could be worn by men or women.

                                                           — klasik