men's 1940's-50's : k5478
product code : k5478 : £ 95
  • 1940's mock tortoise plastic frame, unmarked

  • Original full silver mirror coated dark brown glass lenses



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  • This was a popular shape from the post-war period for men.

    Check out this 1947 flyer for US actor Cornel Wilde's latest film.

    The shape of his sunglasses is very similar and no doubt the

    qualities of each compare: ours is of optical quality, with proper,

    mitred joints, pinned from and sides and wire cores that extend

    to the temple tips. It is cut from the best sheets of acetate that

    were available at the time. And unusually it has a full mirror

    coating, not much seen from this period. As is quite common

    for old sunglasses, the tints do not match each other exactly -

    see above for details - which is unfortunately noticeable when

    you first try them on, the right lens although only 2% darker,

    represents a 33% difference to the left lens, so takes some

    getting used to. The lenses have been marked down not due

    to any particular scratching, but rather due to the mirror

    coating being slightly rubbed on the left lens. All of this though

    has affected the price which is low for a pair of this quality.

    It's also low for such distinctive 1940's sunglasses - possibly

    a unique pair - with these mirrored glass lenses.

                                                           — klasik