mens : 1940s-50's : k5486
product code : k5486 : £ 75
  • 1950s-60s blonde plastic frame, unmarked

  • Original green mineral glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • Good quality safety sunglasses from what looks to be the

    mid-1950's or early 60's. It is large as you would expect,

    with side shields fashioned in the same blonde tortoise acetate,

    making it a cut above your average safety specs. The glass

    looks to be thicker, so no doubt reinforced. Perhaps they

    were made for someone, like a country estate gardener.

    The hinges are good too, 5 charnier pinned front and sides,

    which they bothered to polish flush on the inside. The lenses

    are only a 5 as there are very light surface scratches on both,

    but it hardly affects the vision. Nevertheless, it would be no

    problem changing the lenses. We kept them as we quite like

    the pale green tint, popular in the mid-1950s.

                                                           — klasik