mens : 1940s-50's : k5488
product code : k5488 : £ 95



lens spec

other info
  • This is an early aviator shape, popular just after the war, especially

    in this style, without a top-bar. Of course, Ray-Ban were already

    making their iconic aviator across the pond, but this was the

    European version for this period. It has the Walter Jameson stamp

    at the bridge, WJ/C which they reserved for their higher quality

    gold-fill frames, this pair probably 1/20 12kgf which was standard

    for UK frames in this period. It is the reason it looks so good after

    all these years, very few spots of wear or corrosion. Walter Jameson

    were based in Chelmsford and were best known for their high quality

    frames, here is an ad of theirs for a men's combination frame called

    Zeta designed in 1959. The original glass lenses were green and were

    not perfect so we had them replaced in Klasik Green to match the

    original. Ready for the summer.

                                                           — klasik