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  • The Windsor frame was first patented by the American Optical company

    back in the 1920's, so it is interesting to note that the Algha company

    in England came to be purchased by AO in the 1980's. And then let go

    later on. The firm was started in 1932, by Max Wiseman, who came to

    East London from Germany. The Algha Optical Works are still going but

    this Windsor is an example of their amazing expertise in metal frames,

    from the heyday of the post-war period. The frame is in good condition,

    looking only slightly worn, but we've marked it down slightly to 'good'.

    They could be worn by men or women as it is a smallish size.

                                                           — klasik

vintage sunglasses : unisex : 1950's Windsor Rim by ALGHA (ENGLAND)
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