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  • We can date this pair between 1958 - when AO first designed

    the now classic aviator - and about 1968 when the amount of

    gold in the frames was reduced by half. (It is the high gold

    content that has kept it looking like new 50+ years on.) Besides

    being military issue, look for this pair in many war films,

    particularly Apocalypse Now (1979), spotted worn on the boat

    during the waterskiing scene
    - and non-war films, eg. worn by

    RDN as Viet Nam vet Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver (1976). This

    pair in very good condition, considering the vintage. The lenses

    probably saw some action - possibly in Viet Nam - so we had

    them replaced with our Klasik Grey which is the same spec as

    the original AO Tru-Color. The name was chosen by AO because

    neutral grey is the best tint for colour perception, and the closest

    therefore to natural vision in a sunglass. Polished optical glass is

    also important as besides performance, these lenses feel right and

    look right with the period, glowing, gold-filled frame.

                                                           — klasik

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