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  • Say hello to 'Helios' - a frame made by Helmecke for Carl Zeiss' Umbral

    sunglasses and launched in 1963*. All elements in this top quality sunglasses

    line were made and assembled in Germany, and then imported and distributed

    by their exclusive agent in London. Helmecke made outstanding optical frames,

    so were a natural fit for Zeiss' ground glass tinted sunglass lenses made in their

    West German factory. Zeiss recognised that very few could afford their sunglasses

    in Britain in the 1960's - Helios cost a hefty 86s in 1965 - so they concentrated

    on creating a small, elite collection of just a few designs. A sort of capsule

    sunglass wardrobe of exceptional quality for the wealthy man, who could

    initially choose between just brown or black for the frame, and either 85%

    abs brown tint lenses or the paler 65% abs. We have a 'Helios' with the 65%

    Umbrals - click here to view/buy - so you can compare Umbrals sunglasses in

    light and dark brown tints (darker needed for glare from snow and water) but

    both are scientifically correct, absorb infra-red and uv and are excellent for

    colour perception. We also have 'Helios' in our original 1968 Zeiss catalogue -

    but note that it was only available in a black frame by then, making the brown

    even more desirable today. Britain was Zeiss' dedicated market but these men's

    sunglasses were few and expensive - hence we do not find many. We are pleased

    then to offer these two 'Helios' examples with their rare translucent brown acetate

    frames that seem so right with the warm, rich "sherry" tint Umbral lenses. Imagine

    driving off in your E-type, or Jensen or maybe your Mercedes in these superlative

    1960's men's European sunglasses.

    * We don't have an archive photo until 1965, but for sticklers, expect they were the
    same from 1963-65.

                                                           — klasik

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