mens : 1970's : k5421
product code : k5421 : £ 255
  • 1970's grain finish black plastic frame marked

  • Original brown glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • Surely a unique company of frame makers, Rodenstock represent

    4 generations of family ownership since 1877. And they are still

    going strong
    . This German company were equally renowned for

    optical frames as well as sunglasses, their expertise producing

    superb frames, as well as lenses. Their eyewear was of such

    quality that by the 1960s they had established markets in the

    highly competitive US and UK. Some customers will always pay

    a premium for excellence and exclusivity in luxury imported goods.

    This design 'Cordoba', appears in their 1975 catalogue and was new

    that year. However this frame is not the 'petrol' colour shown but is

    a charcoal black and also has a matte finish, like a fine wood grain,

    which we believe was called satin. Like all Rodenstock's offer, frames

    could be ordered separately for glasses, and black is a must in men's

    frames. In sunglasses, there were two options in their glass tinted

    sun-lenses for Cordoba: the Rodar Color 75% (toughened) and the

    photochromic Colormatic 30/65. This is the Rodar Color at 75%

    absorption. Brown-tinted lenses are especially effective outdoors in

    glare, soothing for eyes and keeping colours and perception true -

    perfect for driving. Hence other European companies also used

    brown: Persol and Zeiss. Rodenstock wanted to differentiate from

    Zeiss particularly, so went for a different brown tint and lighter at

    75%, to Zeiss' 85% Umbral. And it really works in this magnificent,

    large, deep lensed black frame, inspired by sports and driving style

    - like an acetate aviator, designed by an urban architect. They were

    very expensive at the time, so few remain today - if Scorcese was

    to make another Casino, but set in Europe with some added Grand

    Prix, then Cordoba would be one of the main players.

                                                           — klasik