mens : 1970s : k5463
product code : k5463 : £ 125
  • 1970's blue and white plastic frame, unmarked

  • Original mid-grey mineral glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • Very cool men's sports sunglasses from what looks to

    be the early 1970s, unmarked so probably came just

    with a sticker to denote maker. It looks incredibly similar

    to US tennis great Arthur Ashe's choice of sunglasses,

    only the lenses differ in that his look like a double gradient

    mirror, but the shape and colour and lens tint look the

    same. He was known for needing prescription glasses so

    perhaps those sun lenses were also corrected. Our pair

    is a solid blue sheet of acetate with a groove filled with

    a white enamel paint for the sports finish. In great condition,

    frame and lenses - the mineral glass a pale grey tint which

    is more wearable than mirrors, especially if you want a

    subtle sporty look that works with smart and casual outfits.

                                                           — klasik