mens : 1970's : k5467
product code : k5467 : £ 135
  • 1970's white plastic layer on black plastic frame marked

  • Original (grey base) mirrored glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • GOGGLES were launched in the late 1970's by the

    British designer, Oliver Goldsmith. Have a look at the

    (award winning) David Bailey directed tv ad from 1979.

    This diffuse line of fashion sunglasses went into the

    1980's but this pair was one of the pairs they launched

    with and marketed it for both men and women - check

    it out towards the end of the ad where it is worn on a

    woman but in white. Like other pairs we have available

    at present, this has the familiar large format style in a

    space-age design, full mirror lenses - these ones look to

    have a green anti-reflective coating on the inside. This

    is the biggest of the bunch at 69mm lenses. The mirror

    lenses, the frame colour-way and the wrap design is a

    super-luxe sports style, more redolent of European ski-

    slopes and motor races than English streets.

                                                           — klasik