mens : 1970s : k5468
product code : k5468 : £ 135



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  • Polaroid sunglasses were made worldwide, companies would

    apply for licences to make their own designs and had them

    fitted with Polaroid brand lenses. Although this pair not marked,

    we think it hails from France. When sunglasses got big and

    heavy in the 1970s, manufacturers were experimenting with

    composites which could have a silver foil coating to appear

    like a solid chrome pair but be a fraction of the weight. This

    type of frame was very successful and as Polaroid were

    already fitting lenses a fraction of the weight of glass, they

    expanded into this field. The arms continued in metal as these

    could be made very thin, but as the frame had to house the

    lenses, a solution was sought. This pair from the mid-70s was

    inspired by Formula One motor racing in Europe. Films like

    Grand Prix (1966) and Le Mans (1971) helped popularise the

    sport and fashions in the US, and as Hollywood optician Dennis

    Roberts made glasses for Steve McQueen when filming Le Mans,

    that makes the story about Roberts later adapting and orna-

    menting this type of silver driving style for Elvis Presley, make


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