mens : 1970s : k5476
product code : k5476 : £ 145
  • 1970's blonde tortoise plastic frame, unmarked

  • Original brown mineral glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • Good quality men's sunglasses in a wrapped aviator shape that

    looks to be from the 1970s. These shield or visor styles were

    inspired by sports eyewear and this example is stunning because

    they have used a tortoiseshell acetate that you would expect in

    a traditional eyeglass frame but here it is lavishly used - like it

    was carved from a hunk of shell. The quality and colour is lovely:

    subtle dark and light amber tones so this large frame would not

    look heavy on the face. The deep sides sweep back to another

    traditional optical frame detail: 7-charnier hinges inside, and a

    2:3 pin arrangement front and sides. Ground and polished glass

    lenses in not too dark a tint as was the 70s vibe, only adds to

    the curve appeal. Sorry! On the right lens there are a couple or

    more marks - in the middle annoyingly - than the left, but not

    too noticeable when on. Whatever dude wore these had quite a

    life and now it's time to hit the streets again. Or stage. Not

    enough for Miles maybe, but certainly a start for any wannabes

    out there.

                                                           — klasik