mens : 1970's : k5503
product code : k5503 : £ 125



lens spec

other info
  • This Polaroid pair first appeared in 1971 and with it,

    Polaroid launched this new paler lens, which they

    marketed as, "see-through". They said at the time,

    "These afford the wearer cosmetic appeal with no

    loss of polarising efficiency or UV absorption, and

    are complemented perfectly by the latest metal

    This model, called "The Square Eye" was

    part of their Maxi-range of oversized frames for

    women in 1971. And they weren't just for women,

    as ELO's Jeff Lynne proved in 1975, performing, "Evil

    Woman". The original lenses were a tad worn, so

    we had them replaced with original Polaroid lenses

    in the same see-through shade.

                                                           — klasik