mens : 1970's : k5520
product code : k5520 : £ 95
  • 1970's black plastic frame marked MADE IN ITALY

  • Original grey gradient glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • These 1970's Italian sunglasses took their inspiration somewhere

    between space-travel and sportswear. A near-visor or mask design

    in sunglasses, letting the large, angled lenses take the glory in gradient,

    mid-tint glass. These allow the eyes to be seen and are enhanced by

    the silver-mirror top coat. Almost like two shimmering screens or

    swimming pools. As befits their sporty style, these sunglasses could

    be deemed unisex. They're certainly big, so no debates there, but

    with a smallish bridge, we would have to say to guys that this could

    put the top brow above your eyebrows, so that may not be what you

    are used to. However, we are in the sport-obsessed, unisex 1970's

    and we are also in the realms of peak Miles Davis.

                                                           — klasik