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  • Extremely rare and highly sought-after men's sunglasses of the

    early 1970's - possibly introduced in 1971. Their desirability

    may be down to them being worn by Neil Young, here in a photo

    from his 1973 tour of Britain
    teamed with a tan, Tinkerbell t-shirt

    and seersucker jacket and literally On the Beach (1974) for the

    album cover
    , going again for out-there resort wear look. The

    bronze-anodized aluminium frame was a wow then and it still is -

    this pair is bandbox fresh. Aluminium frames are very easily marked

    so it's important to see these in concourse condition - 'Fast Back'

    alludes to the sports coupe car design introduced by American Motors

    in the mid-60's. Note that other designs in the same sun-wear range

    had names like 'Sports Rally','Jet Age' and 'Road Master' but they

    were in plastics and at most gold wire, not in aluminium. This was

    Polaroid's very special design and most expensive in 1973. Along

    with an Airstream, these aluminium frame sunglasses just shout USA.

    We replaced the lenses with the Polaroid Grey 62%abs to match,

    which were also intended to complement the large space-age design,

    by also keeping them lightweight. The plastic insert prevents any

    chill from the metal, if you were to motor through the Rockies say,

    but they'll also be comfortable on those long beach days. Cool-Ray..

    you thought of everything.

                                                           — klasik

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