mens : 1970's : k5586
product code : k5586 : £ 65
  • 1970's mottled brown plastic frame marked

  • Original AO photochromic grey glass lenses



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  • American Optical went future-forward with this frame design

    they actually called 'Heritage'. It appears in their 1974 catalogue

    and we are pleased that we have a pair that has been teamed

    with their pale photochromic tinted glass sun lenses they called

    'Tintomatic'. Let AO describe: "As the sun gets brighter,

    TINTOMATIC Lenses darken for comfort. As the sun weakens,

    they lighten for comfort. The transition from sun/shade to

    shade/sun is smooth and gradual every moment of the magic

    change. Since TINTOMATIC Lenses are neutral grey, they do not

    distort natural colour perception."
    Glass photochromic lenses tend

    to start at about 25% absorption and darken to about 65%, so do

    not expect the performance of modern plastic ones. And who would

    want that in this wonderfully lush, large acetate 'aviator' type

    shape, which was marketed then as suiting both men and women.

    The acetate colourways available for Heritage were: Dusk Blue,

    Golden Brown and Pewter Tweed. Hard to call it, although probably

    not Dusk Blue? The pale grey tint in the lenses works well with those

    brown, gold and even grey tones in this sunset-sky of a frame.

    Unfortunately, the lenses are in only fair condition: beach battle

    scars maybe, or the vicissitudes of vacations. We'll stop there and

    just say if you want to change the lenses, you can of course as all

    AO's frames of this period are optical quality.

                                                           — klasik

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