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  • By the 1980's Optyl was an elite group with its collections for

    Carrera, Christian Dior , Alfred Dunhill , Playboy and Porsche.

    Their designs were rightly advertised as the "paragon" of

    international eyewear, and the unique qualities of Optyl meant

    they could make for fashion, for sport, for luxury brands and for

    design houses, like Dior. This pair looks to be early 1980's as

    they are similar to this magazine ad of 1982. In the 1970's Optyl

    opened up a whole new world: there was the cachet of wearing a

    new material - one invented exclusively for the manufacture of

    eyewear, and the qualities of this resin, which was poured and set,

    or extruded, so could take new finishes and colours. It is not a

    sheet material cut out like acetate, so organic shapes flowed -

    and it is much lighter, which suited the bigger 80s shapes. This

    design for men is a dynamic, large aviator, befitting the Playboy

    brand, with a sunshine yellow translucent front that meets slim

    complimentary gold metal arms. The arms look even lighter on

    with open slots, and they also hold the small and discreet black

    Playboy bunny logos - which have had some wear. The original

    lenses had also been man-handled, so we had them replaced

    with new lenses, tinted to match the originals. Optyl's success

    grew through the decade and they added more names to the

    group, but there is something exceptional about the Optyl and

    metal sunglasses for men from this early 80s period.

                                                           — klasik