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  • The Vuarnet brand was launched as an international sports brand

    when French downhill ski champion, Jean Vuarnet, the brand's

    namesake, wore them in the 1960 Winter Olympics. The model was

    the 002 with lenses that had been developed by Roger Pouilloux and

    Joseph Hatchiguian in 1957 - the double-gradient mirrored lenses

    they named Skilynx. In 1969, the 006 was worn by Alain Delon in the

    movie La Piscine (The Swimming Pool) - and so Vuarnet made a splash

    in fashion. Delon's choice of a black wrap style with the same Skilynx

    lenses, looked good poolside and with slick suits. The French brand

    boomed and by the 1984 Olympics, Vuarnet were at their zenith. This

    is the 088, a unisex style from the 1980's and resembling Ray-Ban's

    popular Wayfarer, with silver lozenge plaques, pinned through front

    and sides - but Vuarnet's injection-moulded nylon frames could do a

    fresh take in vibrant colours like this jade, and remain robust and light-

    weight for sports. This 088 is fitted with SKILYNX 4000, making it a

    '4088' - the double-gradient mirror coating is, "effective for climbing

    and water activities" and the brown base enhances contrast and depth

    of field. Of course they filter out all UV rays being "...the finest glass,

    ground and polished on both sides to ensure distortion free vision, and

    are heat tempered for impact and scratch resistance.." We found it

    never having been worn with original shop labels and the lens rating

    has only been marked down due to one or two minor marks from

    storage. They would team perfectly with Vuarnet's range of clothing

    from 1991, which featured the logo and their bright, beach, surf and

    ski colours.

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